Why PublicWay?

There Is a Better Way

It’s not easy running a city — each utility often has its own information silo. City plans all have their own issues. So what gets priority? Missed communication wastes valuable time and money. Too often mistakes create additional work, flushing funding for vital programs. By pulling existing city data into one place, issues can be avoided. PublicWay is turning silos back into cities.

Conflicts are inevitable

Capital projects are a fact of life in the modern, major city. Different city departments are bound to have overlapping projects that take place in the public right-of-way. The problem with standard practice is that communication and coordination between those departments is far from guaranteed.

Don’t flush the money

When overlapping projects lead to repetition of work, or ongoing delays and interruptions of service or public access, valuable time and money is wasted. Your residents deserve better than money flushed away on unnecessarily duplicated efforts.

Pulling it all together

PublicWay is able to draw information from multiple sources and systems and make it all accessible through a single, simple interface — web-based and four-dimensional — that makes it possible to find and address potential conflicts. Collaboration and coordination make everyone’s life easier.