Useful Info, Easy to Use

PublicWay embraces the Google mantra of making things simple for users. It displays data from municipal systems placed in a customizable, searchable Google Earth platform. It translates the data from many formats and displays it in near real-time geospatially, where it becomes more intuitive to find correlations and conflicts.

Intuitive interface

All location-based data that comes into PublicWay is viewable through the familiar Google Maps and fly-through Google Earth three-dimensional models.

Report generator

Both statistical data and information as it changes over time can be expressed and explored through a variety of graphs and charts, which also can be output as PDF files.

Finding synergies

By viewing information from multiple systems in a single interface, potential problems as well as opportunities to coordinate become easier to identify.

Drill down for details

Click on any item within the interface and get the latest status update. PublicWay also supports attaching photos or other documents within the tool for easier access.

Repetition recognition

Because of the ability to explore work progression over time, you can view heat maps that help identify locations that generate the most work or create the most problems.