Truths We Believe In

Put the User First

PublicWay is designed to make it simple to operate. The Google Earth interface is familiar, intuitive and customizable. That way, users who only access the tool occasionally can easily jump back in and still understand how to use it.

Fast Is Better Than Slow

Delays cost you money. PublicWay puts the searchable data in Amazon’s cloud, dramatically improving the speed for results and making it accessible and useful anywhere with Internet access.

Improve Process, Don’t Replace

Knowledge and the people who have it are your best assets. By engaging them in an organic process to build out the database, those people will develop a sense of ownership and eventually lead the charge from within.

Make Accessible and Useful for All

Context is critical to understanding data, but for too long fear has kept information trapped in silos. The integrated system in PublicWay provides a more complete picture, making collaboration quicker and easier.

If It Seems Too Complex, It Probably Is

Complexity is inevitable as big systems accrue and big organizations grow. But too often, things get complicated for no good reason. PublicWay lets users see through the complexity to where conflicts can be resolved.

Pay for Function Now, Not Potential Later

Most systems require a tremendous upfront expense, which continues for the life of the program. By making requirements flexible and building the system organically, you pay for what you actually use.